Wednesday, July 6, 2011

His Birthday!

WELCOME through my red door!

I am really behind with posting on my blog…even worse than the last time!  Taking a few hiatuses.  But hope to eventually keep up more in the future.  Anyway….

Danny's bdy 2011 339

This table was for my husbands birthday celebration…2 1/2 months ago!!

Danny's bdy 2011 340

His birthday was on April 18!!!

Danny's bdy 2011 341

This one had to be a little more masculine than some of my previous tables, you know, because he’s a man!

Easter 2011 342

So starting with the charger; I borrowed these fabulous wrought iron ones from a friend of mine.  Thank you Sue!   I am so wishing I had bought them myself when I had the chance.  They combine texture and height to this setting!

Easter 2011 343

But of course I wasn’t thinking at the time.  They’re from Taste of Home and are no longer available.  Maybe I’ll check eBayI 

Easter 2011 344

The next charger is from Henn.  Sue and I found the white plates at a flea market.  The whole set was $20.00. 

Easter 2011 345

The salad plates and soup bowls are the cheap $1.25 pieces I found at our local grocery stores back around last fall, I think it was.  Trips to about 5 different locations didn’t even  get enough to make 12 full place settings.

Easter 2011 346

The glasses are from Home Goods; the lantern from At Home America and the candle is from Pottery Barn.  One of my favorite stores!

Easter 2011 347

If I remember right I found the napkins at TJ Maxx and the rings from antique shopping in Virginia.

Easter 2011 348

I honestly can’t remember where this cute little bird came from and it wasn’t even that long ago! But he fit right in on this table.

Easter 2011 350

My husband was pleased!  As I recall the meal was pretty good too, but if I had realized it would take me so long to post this, I would have written the menu down!!

Easter 2011 351

Place settings.

Easter 2011 352

The lantern.

Easter 2011 353

             Easter 2011 357

A closeup view.

Easter 2011 358

Isnt’ he cute!

Easter 2011 355

A little off center, but shows the details in the plate.

Easter 2011 364

The whole thing.  Someone wasn’t home that night for Dad’s birthday!

Easter 2011 362

My birthday was the week after his, but we went out to dinner.  Then our 25th anniversary was the day after that!  We went to a lovely B & B in Lancaster County, so I hadn’t set a table for it.  But I am working on one and will be showing it soon!  Hopefully!

I told you I was a little behind!  And apparently, a lot forgetful!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Patriotic Kitchen Counter Vignette


WELCOME through my red door!


Oh don’t you just love patriotic holidays?


They’re so festive.


Red, white and blue is such a beautiful color combination.  So cheerful!


The food alone is something we all look forward to.


Barbecue ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs,


baked beans, potato salad, corn on the cob…watermelon!


Just love it!