Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Chillin’

Thank you all for your encouraging comments last week.  I think I’ll try this again!

Summer is defined as ‘a warm season’ in Webster’s dictionary.  I think he should have said ‘hot’.  Either way, the warm weather takes us outdoors after a long cold winter to enjoy beaches, pools,         picnics,  barbeques and backyard lawn games.  It’s when we spiff up our patios, porches and decks; break out our warm weather recipes of  the many different salads and cold soups we’ve been waiting to prepare, consume gallons of ice cold lemonade and refreshing iced mint tea and cut into big red juicy watermelons.  What is summer without watermelon?


Watermelon is my favorite fruit.  I’m almost ashamed to confess that I could eat a whole one by myself in one sitting on a hot summer day.  I can, however, control that urge as I did this day by not buying a real one for this setting!


The watermelon table topper is the inspiration for this weeks tablescape.  I quilted it over 10 years ago and have barely ever used it.  Never thought of using it to set a table.  Until now!




Okay, so the other inspiration was the adorable watermelon napkin rings I found recently at a little store nearby called ‘Finder’s Keepers’.


I used white chargers and red dinner plates purchased at Home Goods with a smaller white dinner plate, embossed with different fruits, which came from Horchow’s catalog over 20 years ago.


Sunflowers…more evidence of summer!  I have to admit these are fake.  We can’t grow a whole lot around here with no fence and deer and bunnies searching out meals in our yard.  Not to mention I am extremely allergic to flowers and have had to ask my husband not to send me the beautiful bouquets that every woman loves to receive. Thank goodness for silk, so I can still enjoy them and for longer periods of time!


I found the black candle sticks on ebay and pulled the candles from my autumn stash.  They seemed to fit the bill! 



Luckily we have shade on our deck in the afternoon, but it still gets miserably hot.


I meant to light the candles as the sun went down, but it started to rain before I could.  I had to scramble to get everything off the table and inside before it was too late.


I found these smaller yellow napkins at Michael’s and thought they’d give the bigger black ones some contrast and at the same time pull the yellow out of the topper.


Now I think I’ll go to the grocery store and buy HALF of a watermelon!


Thanks for stopping in.  Hope you enjoyed your visit as much as I enjoyed having you!


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  1. Cute topper-absolutely lovin' those napkin rings-have fun!

  2. I have some watermelon napkin rings too! Got them this year at Christmas Tree Shops! LOVE your cute table! And I, too, LOOOOOVE watermelon!:):) XO, Pinky

  3. great colors and pieces, the watermelon and napkins are darling~

  4. The watermelon tabletopper is wonderful, and the yellow and black napkins and sunflowers are the perfect contrast. I adore this table. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  5. What a very enjoyable visit to your table! Love those napkin rings and your layered napkins. Sunflowers and watermelon make a great combination. How sad to be allergic to flowers - but isn't it nice that the silk ones are so realistic now?

  6. What a cute table, I love the black and gold with the watermelon napkin holders. Faux or live, sunflowers always make me smile. So...have you eaten that half a watermelon...

  7. welcome to the blog world Sheila!!!!
    Lovin the gorgeous scape...watermelon napkin holders are the cutest!
    The White and black just makes everything pop!
    Great job!
    Hope you had fun putting it all together!
    Stop over to have you,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  8. The watermelon napkin holders are so unique. I like the combination of the watermelon and the sunflowers - so summery. Your tablerunner looks great. I like the layering of the napkins.

  9. Such a great summer table and the little watermelon napkin holders are so cute!


  10. I have a watermelon collection too. My napkin rings like yours are about 20 years old-- love them!

  11. Your quilted table piece is outstanding. and sets the tone perfectly for your watermelon theme. It's really quite wonderful!

  12. Sheila,
    Beautiful. So proud of you!!!

  13. what a lovely table setting! i think adding the yellow/gold and black napkins was an unusual touch. most people would have gone with the 'safe' choice of red or green or something like that, you obviously have an eye for color and composition. you go girl!!!

  14. I am always impressed by quilters! It takes such patience and skill, and yours is very perfect for this table! I need need need those napkin rings! Linda

  15. I am torn between loving watermelons or strawberries! This is really cute and just guessing that it was lots of fun too.

  16. I love the layered napkins too and the quilt is gorgeous!! I can also eat a whole watermelon! My 10-year-old is the only one who will help me, so I have to eat them alone, lol! Thanks for stopping by!!