Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Little Change Is Good

Welcome to Through My Red Door!

Our internet has been out for a week and I’m always surprised at how I feel disconnected from the rest of the world when it happens.  We lose it often, so I shouldn’t be, but it shows  how dependent we’ve become on it to keep informed.  Sadly, TV and newspapers aren’t enough anymore!  I’m actually lost without Google!  I’m also a bit behind in the technology world, partly because my mind doesn’t work that way;  I don’t have all the newest and latest gadgets!  And maybe partly because I’m leary of losing the way we’ve always done things.  Kids don’t know what a typewriter is anymore and they barely know what phone books or maps are.  Soon they won’t know what a newspaper is!  Am I showing my age?  I guess I’m resisting change a little as much as I know it’s always been this way and always will be!

Anyway, because we had no internet last week, I was unable to make a post, or visit anyone elses’.  I’m chomping at the bit to go back through them all.

This week’s post is is somewhat of what last week’s was supposed to be but with a few changes!

I had done two similar tablescapes, so decided to combine them into one post.


The first one started out simple and reminded me how I had started skimping on the tablesettings at dinnertime.   With raising 3 children comes many activities that entail running them to school, soccer, baseball, basketball practices and games, dance classes, CCD, doctors, dentists, play dates…well you all know what I’m talking about. It’s not news to anyone!


So even though I never resorted to paper plates, we just used what was needed. We managed to have sit down family dinners where we talked about our days most every night of the week and thought that’s what counted; and I still think that.


But as I was setting these tables, I thought back at how I learned the art of setting a table when I was growing up; a bit more formal than the habit I have fallen into and what my kids have learned to do. We always used a table cloth, where now I almost only use placemats.  We always set at least one fork, a knife and a spoon, whether we needed them or not.

I began skipping the knives and spoons if we didn’t need to cut anything or weren’t having soup or dessert.  As I was growing up, we always had salad bowls and glasses on the table.  I started leaving them off in the interest of the time it took to load that much more into the dishwasher. I substituted plastic for real glasses, found I was having to replace broken ones too often.


Centerpieces,  candles,


real glasses; not plastic or soda bottles,


teaspoons, knives, salad plates or bowls,


cloth napkins, especially cloth napkins,


were used only for company.


But now I think it’s time, for when we  have a family meal,   as rare as it’s becoming, with everyone once again going in different directions,


to inject a bit of fun,




eye catching warmth,


and an inviting atmosphere to the everyday table where we can still sit for a family dinner and talk about our days and lives.  It won’t be long before my three  children have their own families and activities.  Hopefully they’ll remember the dinner table fondly, not only for the food and conversations, but also the beauty their ol’ mom tried to bring to it.


I think they’re enjoying it as much as I am!


Did you notice where the changes were made?

I am so anxious to get back to visiting all of your beautiful blogs!  I’ve felt like I’ve missed so much and have a lot of catching up to do.

Thanks for visiting!  Come back again soon!  I’m linking to Tablescape Thursday.  Be sure to stop in to see Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for many more beautiful and inviting table settings!

I'm also linking to Centerpiece Wednesday at Style Sisters.


  1. YOur tablescape is gorgeous. First with the placemats and then with the tablecloth. Both are just wonderful. We always set the table and had dinner together too when my children were growing up, they do remember and they did enjoy it. You are definitely creating memories and a few more pieces in the dishwasher is just fine. Besides, you are also training them in proper table manners and ettiquet. Can't beat that. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love this post....beautifully written. We always set the table growing up too. Fond memories. Love your napkin rings wherever did you get them ;)
    I really love the combo of blue and gold together. Great ideas. Come link up to centerpiece Wednesdays on my blog today. I love the hat on your table. Just something fun and different.


  3. Wow, double the fun on TT! Love both tablescapes; they're gorgeous!

  4. Such a beautiful table! I used to set a formal table and we would eat by candlelight when my girls were little. I took a photo of what each place setting should look like and gave it to my girls so they could set the table. We skipped several years of setting the table formally, but we are getting back to it every chance we can now that they are older(17 & 18). I think setting a nice table helps set the mood for great conversation and we seem to linger a little bit longer at the dinner table.
    Really wonderful post.

  5. What a pretty, pretty table. I know how hard it is when you have kids and all of their activities. I am on the other side of this now and my children have great memories of our family dinners ("What was the best part of your day?" was the question always asked). It is fun to hear their memories and know that it was important to them.

  6. Thank you for sharing such a sweet memory.. The table is lovely and I am sure everyone loved it ..


  7. What a great post! With two little ones myself, I know about falling into the habit of taking shortcuts with table settings. There is something to be said about the ritual of formality. I love the special touches you've added!

  8. Terrific post! I have felt the same things many, may times over the years. I'm getting back to doing things the old way-it makes a meal much more enjoyable and memorable. Thanks for sharing with us, glad your internet is back!

  9. I agree. I think that is why I started tablescaping-it forces us to sit down and enjoy the table, but mostle each other. Wonderful tables you've set!

  10. Sheila, I am a pushover for a pretty pitcher ... And I see TWO beauties in your post! Where in the world did you find the one with flowers? Do tell! It is fabulous.

  11. What a pretty table...I find I enjoy my meal a whole lot more when the table is nicely set with candles and flowers, even if they are faux at times.

  12. Thank you for your kind comments on my post. I feel like we were both being led in the same direction with our themes for this week. I really like your tablescape...I know that your family felt very special and treasured because of your efforts. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  13. Thank you so much for the Birthday Wishes, I really appreciate it. I've had a super day. If you are coming to Phoenix, let me know and if we can't meet at least I can tell you where my Goodwill is and you will have so much fun. It really is a good one, at least for here. Thanks again. Hugs, Marty

  14. Hi! I just found you through Susan's blog and wanted to say hello and welcome you to the blogging community. I am a newbie too and it is so fun to meet all these great folks here in Blogland!
    P.S. I became a follower! :-)

  15. Thanks for commenting on my table -- it led me to your wonderful blog! I've really enjoyed this post, and it was fun to see your table "evolve" along the way. That last photo is stunning! I predict your children WILL follow your example and set lovely tables one day!

  16. So glad that you've set this wonderful table for us! How pretty. Love the daisies and the blue and butter yellow together.

  17. How pretty! I have been gone so am just catching up with this weeks fun parties. I love the hat on the table. It makes it look like it is from another time.

    The blue glasses are just stunning. What a pretty color. It is all just gorgeous.

  18. What a pretty table~I love the colors!