Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A UMD Send Off

Welcome through my red door!

Start with an old, dirty urn…Off to UMD 001

Scrub it up…wow!

Off to UMD 010

Paint it black…wait a minute…you’ll see why!

Off to UMD 025

Add some of Maryland’s state flower…the Blackeyed Susan!

Off to UMD 051

And you have the start of a royal send off of the 3rd and youngest to his next three years of hard labor…well hopefully, at the University of Maryland, College Park Campus!  Yeah, he did it!

Off to UMD 054

Testudo will be there to greet him!  And the books too…all the books!

Off to UMD 069

So of course we had to dress it up some for the guest of honor!

Off to UMD 039

By eating in the dining room for his last meal at home of his favorite…barbequed ribs!

Off to UMD 042

With all the school colors.  Sure makes for a colorful table.

Off to UMD 045

Having most everything in my cupboards and closets really helped a lot!

Off to UMD 060

I even brought out the good silver left to me by my aunt!  I love it and am ecstatic to have it.

Off to UMD 044

I found the white block letters at Michael’s and the turtle figurine at one of my favorite stores Finder’s Keepers.

Off to UMD 040

Even though UMD is not that far from us, I am really going to miss my little guy!  Well, okay, he’s not so little…he towers over me by a few feet!

Off to UMD 053

But it’s time for him to spread his wings. And although I’ve got two other kids who just graduated this past spring from Maryland, whom I’m very proud of, there’s something about it being the last one that stirs a mother’s emotions at times like these. 

Off to UMD 072

So Son, work hard, play safe, plant your feet firmly and discover the great big world out there!  We’re all rooting for you!

Oh I can hear him now…’Geesh Mom!’

Thanks for sneaking  a peek!  I’m taking my little send off to Centerpiece Wednesday and Tablescape Thursday this week.  See you there!

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  1. Oh I so remember the last one leaving. It all happens so fast and then they are gone. Now what? That was my everyday question when he left. Congratulations to your son and you really did send him off with a bang. The table is just stunning. Hugs, Marty

  2. Well a big "congratulations" to you and your son! What a fun table, love all of the colors and the fun theme-enjoy!

  3. Awww you are the best mom ever!! I bet he love this! What a fabulous tablescape. I wish I would have done this for my daughters when they both left. I love how the urn turned out! My youngest just left is hard and happy at the same time. They just grow up too dang fast don't they!


  4. Love your layering and use of color...
    enjoy your weekend. sharon

  5. First can I share a little sympathy for the last one leaving the nest? Mine did too...

    Would have LOVED to have had a send off with such school spirit as this! I love your university inspired table and want to "flatter you by imitation" with a collegiate table for my girls. (They go to the same university)

    You did a great job. All elements are just wonderful, and I love the layers in your place setting. Go Mom!

  6. What a cool thing to do. Trust me when they are older they will remember all your special touches. It's wonderful.

  7. Great the colors.

  8. Such a special table for a special guy. Everything is so coordinated and it is a really special table. Great ideas - things that I would never think of just fit right in. You have a gift.

    I have five children of my own. When they are little, you never think the day will come when the youngest leaves the nest. You raise them to be independent, smart adults and by gosh, they prove you right!

    Enjoy your "empty nest", at least until winter break!

  9. Congratulations to your son. Now you can start dating your husband again. Sweet Mr. and I have actually relished that we can focus on each other again. The tablescape is very well done. Thank you for sharing your charming design and for stopping by my post. Please, visit often. Cherry Kay

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  11. What a great table you've set to celebrate this new chapter for your son...and you as well! So fun and one he'll always remember. Thanks for your very sweet visit to my table this week.

  12. Congratulations to your son AND to his family! What a fun and memorable send-off you gave him. He may say, "Gee, Mom" but he won't forget the love, support and "wings" you've given him. What a great Mom you are! Nicely done.

  13. What a beautiful tablescape! Happy to see your celebration of a wonderful milestone. The university colors do make a "colorful" table. I know your son will certainly be back for more of your great ribs and special attention.

  14. I also sent off my "baby" this year, but he is about 6 hours away! It is hard to let go. Your table is wonderful! You really captured the colors and I'm sure he will be thinking of this table when he is eating college food! Now to look forward to the Thanksgiving break! Linda