Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Day of Spring

Welcome Through My Red Door
This past Sunday was officially the first day of spring.
First Day of Spring 041
It’s trying so hard to make it’s first appearances  in my yard.
First Day of Spring 038
The crocus have come and gone.  They never stick around long enough for me.
First Day of Spring 039
The daffodils are still trying to make up their minds.  They’ve peaked in other neighborhoods and yards…not mine!
First Day of Spring 037
And the deer and the bunnies have already had their first feast on my tulips.  I doubt we’ll get to enjoy them this year, sorry to say.
First Day of Spring 045
But the forsythia, well, is always reliable!
First Day of Spring 043
My next door neighbor has a bush planted right up against her fence, so it grows through in to my backyard.
First Day of Spring 036
I have to admit that I never really gave that bush much thought, except to view it out my kitchen window, and I’ve lived in my house for almost 10 years.
     First Day of Spring 042 First Day of Spring 003
But this year, now that I’ve started a new hobby, this bush has become inspirational!
First Day of Spring 013
As soon as those yellow buds started popping, I started watching that bush because I had a picture in my minds eye!
First Day of Spring 014
It was to be the anchor of this table.  I just snipped away.
First Day of Spring 001
Grabbed one of my white pitchers and stuffed it.
First Day of Spring 002
Then I remembered I had this yellow tablecloth. A treasure I inherited from my Italian grandmother.
First Day of Spring 007
And somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered there were napkins to go with it.  However, I didn’t remember that there were two different ones.
First Day of Spring 033
The fringe edged cocktail napkins came in handy as a little runner to cover up the hole in the tablecloth that the pitcher of forsythia couldn’t, because of course the hole was not centered in the middle!!  Reminds me; I need to find a professional vintage linen repairer!
First Day of Spring 018
Did I mention this set is very old?  My grandmother, if she were still alive, would have been 102 years old this year.
First Day of Spring 035
And all the linens I inherited from her were around long before I was even thought of!  And I’ve been around a long time!
First Day of Spring 020
You’ve probably seen all the dishes, flatware, and candlesticks on many of my tables, but I just picked up the margarita/fruit glasses the other day at Salvation Army for 50% off.  So I only paid .30 each!! 
First Day of Spring 008
First Day of Spring 011
First Day of Spring 005
First Day of Spring 016
First Day of Spring 009
First Day of Spring 017
First Day of Spring 025
This table served us a sunny and delicious spring Sunday brunch of scrambled eggs,
First Day of Spring 021
hash browns, spinach and garlic sausage,
First Day of Spring 010
fruit and orange juice!
First Day of Spring 030
First Day of Spring 034
First Day of Spring 029
I have to say, I can’t think of when I have ever been so happy or excited to see spring arrive as I have this year.
First Day of Spring 004
I’ve had spring fever since November!
First Day of Spring 012
And I’m itching to get to the nursery to fill the yard with some color!
First Day of Spring 040
Can’t wait!!
First Day of Spring 024
I’m joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.  Hope you will stop in there too.
Thanks for stopping in.  I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.
First Day of Spring 031
Happy Spring,


  1. It's wonderful, Sheila. I know exactly what you mean about noticing flowers for the first time since falling in love with tablescapes. I love the yellows on your table. Vintage linens are a very favorite of mine, but we don't have anything in the yellow family like that.

    I'm trying not to covet yours.

    I love your table!

  2. Oh I LOVE THIS! I love the yellow and how you stacked your the tablecloth and those sweet napkins. Your centerpiece is beautiful. I vote 'perfect tablescape' of the week. Your pictures are just so wonderful.
    Love love love it!

  3. Very pretty table and I love your tablecloth and napkins. And I like to see dishes reused.

  4. The yellow forsythia and yellow table is so welcome after a long winter. We have a forsythia bush and so did my childhood home -- the first sign of spring. The yellow plaid linens are beautiful as well as the new bargain Margarita glasses. Joni

  5. So beautiful! The yellow fosythia is one of my favorite blooming plants and luckily it sticks around longer than some of the other things. Everything on your table just seems to work well together.

  6. So happy and inviting, Sheila! I absolutely adore forsythia. I used to look out my bedroom window as a teenager growing up in Arlington and see our neighbor's beautiful bushes every spring! Beautiful tablescape... I have the exact white pitcher. Mine currently holds wooden cooking spoons, but I just may have to copy you! Shame I don't live closer to you, I love to go bargain shopping! Marshall's and Goodwill both know me by name. :o)

  7. Beautiful Spring table, so special you have things from your gma. I don't have a thing, so I will make sure my gkids of some of my nice things, they are babies now though! :)
    No forsythia yet here either. I think I will go cut some to force!

  8. Beautiful sunny table...the tablecloth looks so wonderfully soft from so much use. The forsythias are gorgeous this year.

  9. I'm all about bright colours and I particularly love yellow. This is a wonderful table!


  10. I sure miss the forsythia from our old house, it was always first to bloom for me! It looks fabulous in your white pitcher... and I LOVE all the yellow on this sunny table! Very, very pretty!

  11. Oh I adore your yellow tablescape~ swoon!

    I am currently hosting an auction of vintage and antique linen treasures on my blog. Stop by and take a peek.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Your table is beautiful and bright and just sings of spring! Such pretty vintage table linens.

  13. Hey! I want a neighbor who grows gorgeous forsythia that comes through the fence for my pleasure and use. And aren't family treasures just the very best! Your grandmother's cloth is magnificent. If you have extra napkins, you might be able to sacrifice one to get the matching linen to fix the hole in your cloth. In the meantime, your solution was very effective. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. Cherry Kay

  14. Sheila, I'm FINALLY having a minute to stop by ... better late than never, I suppose. I LOVE THIS TABLE! You had me at the tablecloth -- and the forsythia -- and the white pitchers... :-) Your pics look really nice,too! Soooo glad Spring is here!