Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh, The Possibilities


As the Halloween season ends and the Thanksgiving season begins, I thought I would take this opportunity, before I get started here, to thank all of you wonderful bloggers for your inspiration and encouraging words the past few months as I’ve attempted to explore the artistic side of myself.  I haven’t posted much, time being the major factor, but I’ve learned much and have sooo much more to learn still.  I don’t think I’ll ever learn enough!  What a kick this is!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed visiting all of you, marveling, laughing and drooling over your beautiful blogs, posts and homes.  I’ve introduced you to a few of my friends who are now enjoying the blogging world as much as I am, and some may even someday start their own blogs.

I wish you all a very warm, blessed and happy Thanksgiving season and look forward to visiting you more and hope you will come back and visit me often.  You’re always Welcome Through My Red Door!


I started this table setting with a very simple centerpiece that I assembled about three years ago. 


A few weeks ago, I discovered these dishes at my grocery store for only $1.25 each piece!!!   What a steal!  I picked up 3 of the four colors that were included, trying to acquire 12 of each piece; 4 each of the three colors.  I decided not to get the blue, which I could kick myself for now!


I think I went to five locations and still don’t have a complete set of 12.  I also didn’t purchase the mugs, initially, but went back on one of my grocery shopping trips and picked up six of them.  Luckily I could get two of each of the three colors. Not much left!


I found the placemats and the acorn salt and and pepper shakers there too.

          20101027_126 20101027_129

Now as I started to post these pictures I realized I had not lit the candles.  Oh there we go!


And I also forgot the glasses!  Silly me!  What was I thinking about that night?




I found these little bowls at Walmart last year and wished there had been more.  I love them.  The bottom says ‘Better Homes and Gardens’.  The colors in the brush strokes on the side and inside the bowl perfectly match the dishes!


I found this yellow depression glass plate at a little antique store in Culpepper, Virginia I stopped in on my way to Charlottesville about a month ago.  What a great little town, can’t wait to find time to get back there!







There is so much you can do with just three colors, isn’t there?



               20101027_146 20101027_147  




I was having so much fun with this table that I didn’t want to stop!


I finally realized I was missing the glasses!


Much better!


Since I wasn’t ready to stop, I decided to change the centerpiece!


I pulled out my yellow Henn cake plate and took the candles off the table and set them on top and added one of the faux pumpkins for interest.


Then I set a couple of fruit sprays on either side of it.


But I didn’t want to stop there…


So I took a hurricane vase, added a glass candle holder and orange swirl taper.  Then completed it with a few smaller fruit sprays for more color.  The small pillars seemed to be needed for more warmth.



                    20101027_173 20101027_174


I was on a roll then, so I grabbed the lantern I have on the chest in my foyer, added a fallish garland and set it in the middle of the table.


I didn’t change the place settings at all, but just changing the centerpieces


makes you feel like you are sitting at a different table each time!


       Don’t you think?


How fun is this?!


Now I’m popping over to visit Karin at Style Sisters for Centerpiece Wednesday and Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday!  Hope to see you there!


                      image tablescapethursday

Thank you for stopping in!  Please feel free to leave me a comment. I really value your thoughts!


  1. What amazing alterations took place with just the changes in centerpieces! How fun to see those transformations. I love your dishes and the acorns. I can't believe what wonderful things can come from the grocery stores and at such fabulous prices.

  2. I love it!! I'm ashamed to have you visit our little table this week because this one is so pretty. I can't believe what a stunner you made from grocery store plates. (I think we got that same set this summer at ours. LOVE IT)

    I had so much fun watching the changes unfold. My favorite OF ALL was the lantern at the end. They were all lovely in their own way, though.

    Love it with the amber glasses!

  3. You know I always marvel at your creations. I am totally blown away by your photography! Great job!! Love you!

  4. Love allthe centerpieces but the white lantern is my favorite! I love the dimly lit candlelight photos! Fabulous settings!

  5. What a deal on those colorful dishes. You must have a great grocery store!
    I have to say, I like each one of your centerpieces. It's fun to change them out and give the table a new look. Great idea!

  6. What an interesting post you've created! It was fun to see what changes you made to the table and how each one looked different! I LOVE the addition of those fabulous amber glasses! The placemats are the perfect colours for your new dishes. I REALLY liked the lantern as the centerpiece but all of them were were creative and pretty! Your pics make the setting look so cozy!

  7. Love your layering and your fall colors on your table. Your centerpieces are all nice. The amber glasses are fabulous!

  8. Wow! I love all the ideas in one post! This is awesome! Thank you for linking up to centerpiece Wed and sharing all these fabulous ideas.


  9. You got lucky finding the dishes at your grocery store! I love the acorn salt and peppers. They match the acorn bowls that I served chili in.

  10. Love seeing your table as you create -- it is different with each centerpiece!

  11. Don't you just hate it when you can't find a complete set of the stuff you want??? Makes me nuts! That's the down side of TJ Maxx and Marshalls/Home Goods for me. I either have to run all over creation in search of "just one more" or send my friends and family on a scavenger hunt in the city where they live. What a nightmare! Anyhooooooooo...I am over the moon about your placemats. They really lend a unique sense of dimension to the place settings. I like it that you demonstrated how simply swapping out the centerpiece can so dramatically alter the look of a tablescape. Very nice! Have a great weekend!!!

  12. OOh i love your table. no, i LOVE your table. It's really beautiful. You managed to put it all together as if it were out of a magazine. Beautiful

  13. Beautiful colors and I love your attention to detail.

  14. Your table is beautiful. I love each and every centerpiece!! Those glasses are beautiful and what a deal on those dishes!


  15. What wonderful options you have for centerpieces...I thought that you'd go for the hurricane on top of the cake plate with things around the base of the hurricane. You're going to have so much fun entertaining throughout the holiday've already done all the prep work! Thank you for sharing your charming designs. Cherry Kay

  16. wow I never thought to keep changing the center pieces. Each fabulous. Love the lantern and candle one. Where is your store lol

  17. love the colors and the lantern is my favorite.. looks great.. what fun to change all the centerpieces.. I may have to borrow that idea some time LOL
    happy weekend.

  18. Those dishes were quite the find! I just love the colors. You will be able to mix and match those for so many occasions. I just loved seeing all your centerpieces. So clever!

  19. So much fun, right?? Loved all your centerpiece ideas, great buy on the dishes, looks amazing!