Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Old Friend Comes Home



Not long ago, just a few weeks ago in fact,  a friend of my oldest son, who had moved  to his native land of Korea when they were eight years old, contacted him on Facebook to let him know that he was back in the states and living in Virginia…only 5 minutes from where we lived before moving to Maryland where they became instant best friends!  He was born here and always wanted to come back.



They tried to keep in touch as best as eight year old boys could.  But eventually they lost touch and only were able to wonder what was going on in each others lives.



The boys are now 23 and overjoyed to be connecting again.  They met one night for dinner and after the few minutes it took to try to recognize each other as adults, they got into reminiscing and catching up through the last 15 years.



My son told him he would have to come over to our house because ‘my mom is going to want to see you!’



How right he was!  They set up a date and time and I took the afternoon off from work to make dinner for them.

 20101027_23 20101027_24


They ate and reminisced some more, looking through the elementary school year books and middle school and high school books that he wasn’t here for.



Then they went out to see the old neighborhood and school they had spent so much of their time together in.



How exciting it was to see this grown up boy that we remembered last only as an 8 year old;  to hear what he’d done in all those years and what he hopes to do in the next.



He’s still the sweet boy he was and is always welcome back anytime he wants to come over, just like when he was a little boy!

                            20101027_12 20101027_49     20101027_5620101027_13

You know, I wasn’t too sure about Facebook, but I have to say it does have it’s benefits!


Welcome home William!  Come back any time!


  1. I can just imagine those two boys reconnecting over the fabulous tablescape you've created (not to mention, the no doubt, yummy food!) Your centerpiece is gorgeous and with the placemats, leaf shaped dishes and candles glowing, there is such a warmth and coziness to the setting, that I'm sure everyone wanted to linger and enjoy not only the conversation but the ambiance! Great way to post - not about the dishes but about "Real Life" enjoyed at the table!


  2. What a heart warming beautiful post! Your table is so pretty and welcoming, I know you all had a wonderful time-enjoy:@)

  3. I had to enjoy this post twice. The first time, I read the story. The second time, I enjoyed the table.

    I think it's wonderful that they reconnected. There are good things and bad things about facebook. This is one for the good column.

    And your table is gorgeous. That centerpiece is awesome. So many details! I really love it.

  4. Sheila, what a sweet story about that young man. The internet really does make the world smaller, doesn't it?

    And I love your table. You did a great job with your centerpiece, and the dishes compliment it so well. Do you know, not only do we share a name, but we also share the same gold goblets. I bought two of them recently for my husband and me to enjoy. I love all of your cute leaf pieces. It's such a fun fall table! I went a little different tonight and am serving breakfast on my blog. Hope you'll drop by. Always nice to meet another Sheila! :-)

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila... also known as Mrs. Magpie :-)

  5. How wonderful to reconnect like that. I am not too sure about FAcebook either, but hey if that is one good thing that happened then great.

    Love the birdies on your table. Their texture is fabulous. I also adore your enchanting green textured plates. I am glad you showed them off so we could see how gorgeous they are.

  6. Oh how heartwarming! A delightful reunion! Such handsome young men -- you've set a wonderful table before them -- I love your runner and the sweet birds -- the pumpkin centerpiece -- all so welcoming.

  7. What a wonderfully, warm and inviting setting you've created! Love the story - one terrific thing about Facebook is that we are able to get in touch with people whom we've missed over time.
    Love this,

  8. That is a beautiful table!!! How nice to get to go back in time. My son's best friend in grade school is still missing and we have looked for him everywhere, but I forgot about FB!!! Thanks for the headsup.

  9. What a delightful story! I know your son's friend felt warmly welcomed back with your lovely table. It looks perfect for a fall evening! Great centerpiece, and I love all the candlelight.

  10. What a lovely story and how beautiful everything looks. Just perfection.

  11. I love FB...I can keep in touch with my family & friends no matter where I live! Your story is so heart warming. It is really nice to be reacqainted with old friends, no matter how old you are. Best of luck to them. Your table is so perfect to sit down and share memories. Very relaxing and warm. Thank you for sharing.

  12. What a sweet's so nice that they have re-connected!! And your table looks beautiful. Those amber glasses are so pretty and go so well with your whole table.


  13. For me, this is what tablescaping and entertaining is all about...furthering precious relationships old and new. I loved every detail of your table, and I adored the story. Thank you for sharing your charming design and wonderful reunion with us. Cherry Kay

  14. I just loved this post. I know how special those friendships are to our chidren and to ourselves! I love all the beautiful welcoming dishes on your table. Just lovely!

  15. Such a lovely post!! Your table is so inviting, I'm sure he felt as if he'd never left!

  16. How wonderful the boys were able to reconnect. Your table is gorgeous...the centerpiece is outstanding.